Best Offline Android Games To Play Without An Internet Connection

The following are the best offline Android games that can be played on an Android mobile when one does not have access to good internet connectivity or have limited data. One can always rely on these offline Android games to fall back in such situations.

Best Offline Android Games

People get bored when they are stuck in long traffic jams, or stranded offline on a long flight, or have consumed their data bandwidth, or stuck at remote areas with no network connectivity. These are the situations where offline Android games plays a major role in entertaining the user.

Thus, being offline does not have to mean being bored. There are games for Android mobiles that can run just fine without the need of a WiFi or data connection. These games are the best way to have some fun and kill boredom.

Play Store hosts thousands of Android games targeted for almost all kinds of users. Most of these Android games requires a stable internet connection to work. When you do not have a stable internet connection, either the entire game or parts of the game do not work as expected.

The most annoying part of Android games that requires internet connection is the in-app popup advertising. These popups overall degrades the gaming experience. On the other hand, syncing game progress to their servers and playing against other online users is the best part.

Best Offline Android Games To Play Without An Internet Connection

When you open the Play Store and visit the top charts of gaming section, most downloaded games are listed out by default. Most of these top downloaded Android games requires internet connection to work properly. The absence of internet connection will put several restrictions on these games.

Hence, we compiled a list of the best offline Android games from various genres. This list can help you in selecting an excellent game that can be played offline on an Android mobile anywhere anytime.

Note 1: The following suggestions are not ranked in order. So, I suggest you to go through the entire list before making a decision.

Note 2: Most of the following suggested Android games can be played along or against other users online when there is an internet connection available. Players will also be able to save their game progress using the internet connection.

Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2 is a sci-fi tactical top-down shooter video game for Android devices that can be played offline. Burton, a former Space Marshal got released from jail during a prison breakout. The player has to help Burton in hunting down various criminals across the galaxy.

This game is not just about spraying bullets, its a tactical shooting game. That means, the player needs to sneak around enemies and have a tactical combat with them. There’s also a story that needs to be followed while playing the game.

Space Marshals 2 has a total of 20 missions. Players are rewarded based on their performances. Rewards include bombs, weapons, armors, distraction devices etc. The game has a wide selection of over 70 different weapons and gears. Players are allowed to fight against multiple factions. On top of that, all levels are available for free.

The game has HD graphics, gamepad support and cloud save support.

Click on the attached link to download and install Space Marshals 2 from Play Store on your Android mobile.

Soul Knight

Soul Knight is an action packed shooting game for Android devices that can also be played offline. This game introduces a magical stone. The magical stone is responsible for maintaining the balance of the world. High-tech aliens stole the magical stone and disrupted the balance of the world.

The player has to help the heroes in retrieving the magical stone from the high-tech aliens. Thus, bringing back the balance to the world.

Soul Knight introduces unique heroes having unique abilities. The player has to explore the dungeon, and is allowed to collect 170+ crazy weapons. The dungeon world is randomly generated every time. While fighting with enemies, the player has to dodge the bullets and pay them back with manifold weapons.

The game is extremely easy to understand and has auto-aim mechanism for super intuitive control. The gameplay is super smooth and enjoyable.

Click on the attached Soul Knight download link and install it on your Android device.

I Love Hue

I Love Hue is a fun color-based puzzle game that can be played offline on an Android mobilie. The gameplay is a gentle journey into the color and perception. This game is perfect for the players who loves beautifully crafted puzzle games.

The players has to reorder the colored tiles mosaics into perfectly ordered spectrums. They need to move each tile to its perfect place in the spectrum. Thus, they can learn to see the smallest differences in similar colors.

I Love Hue has over 900 levels of puzzles to solve. Players can compare their performances and unlock achievements.

Click on the link to download and install I Love Hue on your Android mobile.

Paper Wings

Paper Wings is an arcade game that can be played offline on an Android mobile. This game introduces a bird made of paper.

The player has to help the paper bird in collecting falling balls mid-air. Balls are collected in order to keep the bird alive. As the players collects balls, they gain points and are allowed to advance through the different stages of the game.

To make the game harder and have more fun, new challenges are introduced in each stage. Players can also unlock more birds by watching in-app advertising videos.

Paper Wings has fantastic graphics and easy controls. You will be addicted to the game in no time.

Download and install Paper Wings from Play Store on your Android device.

Adventure Llama

Adventure Llama is an adventure running game that is perfect for offline gaming in an Android mobile. This game introduces Llamas. They are the ones who spit at people and eat grass all day. Pablo, a Llama who is different from other Llamas, explores ancient ruins built by the Inca Llamas of the past.

Players has to help Pablo run inside the Inca temple and find out the truth about the native Llamas of the lost time. The players can collect lots of shiny gold artifacts in the gameplay.

Players gets Llama-money when they complete a level. They can use this money to buy some awesome costumes or even unlock new worlds. They need to jump, run and solve puzzles in order to complete tasks.

Adventure Llama is a fun, challenging, addictive puzzle game with endearing graphics. You can unlock levels, collect coins, keys and balloons.

Click on the attached link to download Adventure Llama and install it on your Android device.

I will be updating the above list every now and then with the new challenging and interesting Android games taken directly from Play Store. Keep checking this guide for the updates.

That’s it for today. Hope this guide has helped someone in selecting an offline Android game by referring the above list of the best offline Android games to play without the need of an internet connection.

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  1. Nice list of offline android games. I would like to recommend Real Racing 3. Real Racing 3 is the award-winning racing game for Android. You will get branded company cars like Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini and etc. 17 real and long tracks is here in this game. You will find real peoples in this game.

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