Content Redrafting Techniques & Their Influences On SEO

If your content is not performing well or not ranking higher in search engines, then you need to analyse and redraft your existing content. Read the guide completely for effective content redrafting techniques that will create a positive impact on search engines. Thus ranking your content higher.

Content Redrafting Techniques
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Why Your Content Is Not Performing Well

Most of the beginner and semi-experienced bloggers have no idea about why their content is not performing well in search engine rankings. They fail to grasp the concept of blogging. Content should be unique, provide value and better user experience to the visitors. Then only it will outmatch and outperform rival’s content.

Copy pasting content will not work, as the content is already present on the internet. In short, copied content has no value. Also, most of the search engines are tied up with advertisers, and advertisers will never place advertisements on the content that has no value. Thus, copied content is always ranked lower compared to the original content.

If your content is unique and still does not rank higher then you need to analyse it and follow the below content redrafting techniques. They not only will give value to your content, they will help your content rank higher.

Content Redrafting Techniques & Their Influences On SEO

Experienced bloggers and content marketers know that the first step to generate quality content or material is keyword research, and therefore, people who expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) spend half of their time brainstorming.

Keeping the context relevant to the topic is a perplexing job, and keyword research is the most significant block that solves the puzzle of digital marketing. The analysis enables you to learn about what people are looking for in search engines, and on its basis, you can construct a complete strategy for creating the content of your website or a specific page.

Rearranging or redrafting the same content in a different way, especially with updates can have a massive impact on your incoming traffic, especially if the article answers most of the queries accurately.

People sometimes add more keywords in the content later to make it appear on a better number in the SERP, which in the end, results with a penalty for over-stuffing keywords. At present, you cannot find a way to manipulate search engines, though for a temporary time period your site can stand out, and after that, the game is over.

According to some SEO experts, if you are redrafting or re-writing content of a website, and instead of updating it with your experience, you use the same meaning, it is still considered plagiarized. It is difficult to rank with such material because a similar version with a better rank already exists on the internet. Re-writing or redrafting means updating the content with some new information entirely in your words.

The below given ideas can assist you in paraphrasing a content,

  • Get The Idea, Not The Material

    Gathering information is the most crucial part when writing for a specific topic. The same argument might be discussed on various other websites on the internet, so instead of focusing on one, you must visit other pages of the search engine results as well.

    Compile all your gathered information on a page, find what you know more about, and begin elaborating in your words. Sometimes getting the idea from a sentence is not enough, your mind is powerful enough to comprehend an entire paragraph, so make sure not to write sentence by sentence ever.

  • Make It Appear Unique

    If you think it looks dubious, then add extra relevant content but make sure you don’t copy the exact words because it doesn’t work that way. If websites or search engines find out about it, they may contact you to bring that content down.

    Adding your perspective will let people know of your ideas and add additional points to give it a better appearance and break it into more understandable variants.

    Sometimes on websites, the content appears in the form of an image, which cannot be copied by highlighting it. You can make use of the content present on such images to make your content unique. Make sure to convert it in your own words. You can make use of a free online image to text conversion tool – This tool uses an optical character recognition system. It scans the uploaded image and then extracts the text from it. It will then provide you with the text or a file that you can download.

    In SEO, people mostly rewrite the already discussed points on websites to generate backlinks. If you think taking the content of other websites is not going to have a negative impact on yours, then you are entirely wrong. As soon as search engines find out about it, your site will be brought down; additionally, there are instances where a scraper website sometimes can outrank you with your material. In which case, you can submit an application to Google for the scraper site and leave the rest to the search engine.

Rewriting Is The Initial Step

To become a better writer (where you won’t need the assistance of other articles) you need to gain knowledge and read about everything related to your field and favorite topics. Keeping yourself updated is the key to write by yourself. Still, nonetheless, writing is a part of copy/writing business, and people can sometimes ask you to write about the same subject a few times with variations which can be quite a challenging task.

You can paraphrase your articles or write a new one without getting support from your previously written content but make sure you formulate a material free from errors. For that, you can take the aid of various grammar checkers available online along with plagiarism detectors to eliminate any similar sentences.

Results Of Content Redrafting

Nothing is fixed right away. But be assured that properly redrafting content will have positive impact on search engines and website rankings. You need to let search engines know about your updated content. Search engines usually do this automatically using search spiders or bots. Anyways, you should also manually let search engines about your updated content. To do this, just open your search engine’s webmaster console and resubmit the page that has the updated content.

This action should significantly increase crawling rate of your updated content. Once you resubmit your page, you should also submit it to your various social networks. Remember, social audience also plays a major role in sharing and suggesting your content. You just cannot neglect them.


If your content, which is unique, is not ranking well, then that does not mean it has no value. You need to re-analyse it and then follow the above content redrafting techniques. Your new and updated content will surely have a positive impact on search engines. Thus, increasing its rank in search results. Remember to focus and put some efforts into your content if you really want your content to reach more and more audience.

Do not just give up. This is not the end. Not everyone tastes success overnight. It takes time and patience to enter into that block. Keep that in mind and continue writing awesome content along with updating existing content.

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