CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2 for Samsung Galaxy Star Pro/Plus GT-S7262

If you are looking for an updated custom kernel specifically compiled for Samsung Galaxy Star Pro/Plus Duos GT-S7262 CyanogenMod ROMs that has more features than the default kernel provided along with the ROM then you are at the right place. Check out the attached CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2 compiled from source for advanced features and improved performance.

Read all the sections of this tutorial completely to learn about the features of CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2, tools required to install it, and instructions to be followed while installing the updated kernel for GT-S7262 CyanogenMod ROMs.

CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2 - GT-S7262

Update: Find the updated CyanogenMod kernel i.e, CM Kernel V2 download links in the download section and follow the installation instructions carefully to install the updated kernel for CyanogenMod ROMs on your GT-S7262 Android mobile. This update includes various feature enhancements, fixes and performance changes.

Features of CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2

  • Works on CyanogenMod 10.1, CyanogenMod 11 without any issues.
  • Attached single flashable zip file works on all CyanogenMod ROMs. So there is no need for separate flashable zip files. The zip file uses live ramdisk patching script that extracts ramdisk from current running kernel, combines it with the new uncompressed kernel and makes a new boot image file. Then it flashes the new boot image file to the kernel partition.
  • Note: Works on all stock ROMs but with PC connection disabled. If you connect your GT-S7262 Android mobile to your PC while using stock ROM for data transfer, you won’t be able to establish connection between your computer and your GT-S7262 Android mobile. Hence, DO NOT flash this kernel when using stock ROMs. For updated CM kernel V2 for stock ROMs, check out this post.
  • Features included in CM Kernel V2 for CyanogenMod ROMs are exactly same as in CM Kernel V2 for stock ROMs. For detailed information on the features included, check out the link attached above. For a brief info, continue reading the features here.
  • Has most of the updated Star Kernel and its predecessor kernels features.
  • Applied optimized Spreadtrum patches to the official and latest Samsung kernel source.
  • Compiled using Google ARM toolchain 4.8.
  • Added f2fs file system support and updated ramp up and ramp down frequencies of SmartassV2 governor for better performance and improved screen wakeup times after a long standby.
  • Fixed ‘white screen’ problems in some cases.
  • Enabled Kernel Samepage Merging (KSM) for better cache management and optimized square root algorithm for faster operations.
  • Fixed cpu-boost driver and disabled some unnecessary debugging.
  • IP and TCP related changes.
  • Various security, performance, governor and scheduler related changes.

Important: I am ItsAnilSingh, author of most-downloaded modifications for GT-S7262 Android mobile. You should always download custom modifications released by me from the links I provide in this website or at XDA-Forums. I cannot guarantee the authenticity of modifications downloaded from other sources, and hence cannot provide support for downloads from such links. If you have any queries or issues with any of my modifications then kindly comment below. I will try to help you as soon as possible.

Your warranty is now void. By installing this kernel you acknowledge that you won’t be able to claim official Samsung warranty.
You choose to install this custom kernel. Thus, I will not be held responsible for bricked devices or dead SD cards.
Please do some research about the features included in this kernel before installing it.

CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2 for Samsung Galaxy Star Pro/Plus Duos GT-S7262

Many of the users are already using either CyanogenMod 10.1, or CyanogenMod 11 on their Samsung Galaxy Star Pro/Plus GT-S7262 Android mobiles. If you aren’t using any of them already then you are missing a lot. Click on the links attached and check them out.

Those who are already using any of the CyanogenMod ROMs either released by me or by someone else can now upgrade their default kernel provided along with the ROM to CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2 without any issues by following the simple procedure below.

Before proceeding, lets know about the Android kernel license. Android is GPL in nature, thus the core components are also GPL. Due to which every manufacturer is bound to release source code of their mobile handset kernels. In a custom kernel, possible features are either added or removed along with various performance related fixes and improvements, making the kernel most versatile.

If you feel that the present kernel is not performing to your expectations, or if you would want to try a feature included in this kernel, or if you would want to try the latest kernel developed by me (ItsAnilSingh) then you can now install/upgrade your current kernel to CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2 by following the simple procedure below.

Below are the details of the tools required, links to download them and instructions to be followed to install CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2 on GT-S7262 Android mobile.

Kernel Samepage Merging (KSM): You will have to enable KSM manually as the ramdisk having its value is not included in the flashable zip file. To do this, go to Settings > Performance > Memory management and enable Kernel Samepage Merging.

Kernel Samepage Merging


  • Samsung Galaxy Star Pro/Plus GT-S7262 mobile.
  • Updated CyanogenMod 10.1, or CyanogenMod 11 (ItsAnilSingh/Arman) flashed on your GT-S7262 Android mobile.
  • Custom recovery like TWRP or CWM installed.

Before Installing: Before installing/flashing this kernel, we recommend you to have a backup of EFS and Modem partitions of your GT-S7262 Android mobile in a safe place. It is required for recovering those partitions if you fail to follow the simple installation steps.

Please follow this post to know about the simple backup process. You can use this backup to restore EFS partition of your GT-S7262 Android mobile if you encounter any EFS/IMEI related problems in the future.


CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2: (Link updated, no popups)

CyanogenMod CM Kernel V1: Link removed intentionally. Previous version has been updated to version-2 with an all-in-one installer, stability fixes and performance improvements. Hence download CM Kernel V2 instead and install it.

Installing CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2:

Following steps are for both CWM and TWRP recovery. Follow steps respective to the recovery installed.

1) Make sure you have CWM Recovery or TWRP Recovery installed on your GT-S7262 Android mobile.

2) Download the attached kernel file and copy it to your mobile “external memory card”.

3) Reboot your mobile to recovery. If you have advanced power buttons enabled on your CyanogenMod ROM, you can directly boot into recovery by selecting ‘Recovery’ under ‘Reboot’ options. If you don’t have them enabled then you need to follow these steps:

Power off your mobile and wait for a minute. Then press Power button for 2 seconds and then simultaneously press and hold Volume UP + Home buttons at the same time. When a red exclamation mark appears on the top left corner of the screen, release the power button and keep pressing other two buttons. Your device will now enter into custom recovery mode.

Tip: In TWRP recovery we need to click on the options, in CWM recovery we have to use power button to select and volume buttons to navigate across recovery options.

4) TWRP Recovery: Click on Install, then click on SD card. Now select “” file and then slide your finger on Swipe to confirm flash option to start CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2 installation.

5) CWM Recovery: Select install zip, then select choose zip from external sdcard. Now select “” file and then scroll down and select Yes option to start the installation.

6) That’s it! Watch CyanogenMod CM Kernel V2 getting installed on your GT-S7262 Android mobile. When installation is completed, reboot your mobile.

That’s it for today!

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