Generate UPC Online & Port Aircel Even If You Lost Aircel SIM

If you are an Aircel subscriber and finding it difficult to generate UPC and port Aircel number to other network provider then you must follow this guide to know the process involved and steps to be followed.

Update: If you have lost your Aircel SIM completely, or if you have lost only the Aircel SIM number printed on the back side of your Aircel SIM then you can check out the respective steps below to get back the SIM number and then port your Aircel number to other network.

Port Aircel Number

Aircel Shutdown

Aircel shutdown was just a rumor until it slowly became the reality. It all started with the arrest of Karti Chidambaram (Son of former Indian Minister of Finance) in Aircel-Maxis case. Later, most of the Aircel subscribers started experiencing frequent network coverage issues. So, they started messaging Aircel on Twitter for support.

Aircel then told people that it was just a technical issue and would be sorted out soon. Even after the network was down for 10-15 days, they had the same reply for everyone. As a result, people started believing that Aircel will shutdown. They started porting out their Aircel numbers to other networks.

It is now confirmed that Aircel will shutdown soon. On 28th of February, Aircel officially filed for bankruptcy owing to huge debts. We are getting constant feedbacks from different places that Aircel head offices and customer support centers are becoming non-operative. Thus, the network company has left us with no other choice but to port Aircel number to other network.

What is porting

Porting is the mechanism to change mobile network, retrieving the original mobile number. In this process, one has to generate UPC i.e, unique porting code with the outgoing mobile network and use it to port into new mobile network (incoming mobile network).

Note: SMS based porting system is not working with Aircel. So, you will not get UPC by simply sending an SMS to 1900. You should follow any of the mentioned methods to get UPC and port Aircel to other network.

Things needed to port Aircel to other network:

  1. Aircel mobile number
  2. SIM number printed on the back side of your Aircel SIM card
  3. Secondary working mobile number (doesn’t matter if its another network)
  4. Pen and paper

Generate UPC Online & Port Aircel Even If You Lost Aircel SIM

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has made it compulsory to enter UPC while submitting port-in request to the new mobile network. Hence, you have to generate UPC of your Aircel mobile number before trying to port it.

But without Aircel network, how can we get the port-out (UPC) code? To know various methods along with instructions, continue reading the post.

We have divided the entire process into three parts.

Get Aircel SIM Number

For uncut SIM cards

  1. Switch off your mobile and take out your Aircel SIM card.
  2. Take a pen and a paper.
  3. Write down the last 5 digits of the SIM number printed on the back side of your Aircel SIM card.

For micro-SIM cards

  1. From your Android mobile, click on the attached ICCID – Aircel SIM Reader app link and then install it.
  2. For dual SIM users: This app supports dual SIM functionality only when your mobile’s Android version is 5.1 or higher. Thus, we recommend everyone (even dual SIM users) to insert their Aircel SIM on Slot-1.
  3. Take a pen and a paper.
  4. Open ICCID app.
  5. Write down the last 5 digits of “ICCID” of “Aircel SIM Card” (SIM Slot 1 or SIM Slot 2) displayed on the screen.
  6. Here, ICCID = Aircel SIM number.
  7. Using this method, you do not need to visit Aircel head office or opt for a new SIM at Aircel store. If you are still in doubt about the SIM number then kindly visit nearest Aircel head office and get your SIM details and porting info.

Generate Aircel UPC Using Android App

Note: The suggested Android application in this method has been taken down from the Play Store for unknown reason(s). Hence, we do not trust and recommend this application anymore. We recommend you to try other method(s). If you still want to try this method, then we do not take any responsibility for your data-theft or its misuse.

If you prefer generating UPC using Android app for your Aircel mobile number then follow the instructions below.

  1. Install ‘Aircel SIM Reader‘ app on your Android mobile.
  2. Click on the Menu icon (3 lines) present on the top left corner of the app.
  3. Click on Port Now option.
  4. Continue from Step-2 of Generate UPC Online method.

Generate Aircel UPC Online

If you prefer generating UPC online for your Aircel mobile number then follow the instructions below.

The UPC generation link is directly made available on the homepage of website. So, you can trust on it. I have personally cross verified the UPC generated online with the UPC generated by IVR system and they both match.

After getting Aircel SIM number, follow the steps below to get UPC (Unique Port Code) online.

  1. Visit official Aircel UPC generation link. Click on the link attached.
    Official Link:
  2. Enter your 10-digit mobile number in the first input field.
  3. Enter last 5 digits of your SIM number you’ve noted above in the second input field.
  4. Select your circle from the drop down menu.
  5. Click on Generate UPC button.
  6. Note down the UPC on a paper.

Lost Aircel SIM? Get UPC

If you have lost your Aircel SIM card and want to port your Aircel number to other network then you can try the following methods to get the UPC of your lost Aircel SIM.

  1. Method 1 – Other Network Store
    Yes, you can now port your Aircel number to any other network by directly visiting the new network store. Just follow the instructions below.

    • Take any proof of identity with you, preferably an Aadhaar card.
    • Visit nearest Airtel/Vodafone/IDEA/BSNL store of your choice.
    • Provide them your Aircel mobile number and your Aadhaar card.
    • They will generate UPC for you and will also submit a porting request on the spot.
  2. Method 2 – Aircel Head Office
    • Visit nearest Aircel head office along with your proof of identity and ask them your Aircel UPC.
  3. Method 3 – Dedicated District Wise Customer Care Number
    • Click on the following TRAI official TCCMS (Telecom Consumer Complaints Monitor System) website.
    • Select “Aircel Cellular Limited” under “Service Provider” drop down menu.
    • Then you need to select your state and district under “State” and “District” drop down menus.
    • You will now get complaint centre details. Note down the “Alternate Specific Number” displayed on a paper.
    • Now follow the IVR System method using the above noted number.
  4. Method 4 – Universal Aircel UPC
    The following Universal Aircel UPC should be used as a last resort. This UPC is doing some rounds in the comments sections of various blogs with confirmations from various users. Hence I included this UPC on our post too.

    • Use ‘XX767676’ as UPC, where ‘XX’=’Region Code’ of your respective state.
    • Check the table below for region codes.

Aircel Region Codes

StateRegion Code
Andhra PradeshDA
Himachal PradeshDI
Jammu & KashmirDJ
Madhya PradeshDY
North EastDN
Tamil Nadu, ChennaiDT
West BengalDV

Aircel State Wise Customer Care Numbers

For your convenience, we got some of the Aircel state wise customer care numbers below.

StateAircel Customer Care Numbers
Bihar & Jharkhand9852012345
Andhra Pradesh9700012345
Tamil Nadu9750999209, 9551299210
Himachal Pradesh9857012345
Madhya Pradesh9806012345
Uttar Pradesh9808012345
West Bengal9851012345

Generate Aircel UPC Using IVR System

If you prefer generating UPC through Aircel IVR system for your Aircel mobile number then the following steps should be performed in step by step order to get the UPC from Aircel. You can always restart the process if you make any mistake.

  1. Call Aircel customer care number respective to your state from your secondary mobile number. Checkout the numbers above.
  2. Place the call on ‘record’. Will be useful to verify the UPC.
  3. Now select your preferred language.
  4. Press ‘1’ to verify that you are an existing Aircel subscriber.
  5. After subscription verification, you need to press ‘1’ again to begin UPC generation process.
  6. Now you need to input your 10-digit Aircel mobile number followed by the last 5 digits of your SIM number that you’ve noted above.
  7. Wait for some time till the IVR generates UPC for your mobile number. Have patience.
  8. Once the IVR generates UPC, the UPC number starting with DAXXXXXX will be played.
  9. Note down the UPC on a paper.
  10. You can press ‘*’ to hear the UPC number once again without disconnecting the call.
  11. If the IVR system plays ‘details does not match’ or ‘incorrect SIM number’ message even after providing correct details then you need not worry. This is a technical glitch that Aircel IVR  system is currently facing. You just need to repeat the steps again after some time, preferably after 10-12 hours. We have verified this information with Aircel representatives from Aircel head office.

If you are still facing the problem, then you have to visit nearest Aircel head office (not Aircel store) and sort out the problem.

Porting Aircel To Other Network

  1. Now that you have UPC number with you, you can simply port Aircel number to other mobile network of your choice.
  2. To do this, just visit the nearest desired network operator office with a valid photocopy, photo identity proof and address proof.
  3. The representative there will enter your details and UPC number into their server.
  4. He will then provide you a new SIM card with same mobile number. He may charge you some basic amount.
  5. After the mandatory waiting period of 7 days, your new SIM card will start receiving new network provider signals. Some network operators are promising porting within 24 hours.

That’s it for today! Hope this simple step by step process has helped you in porting your Aircel mobile number to your desired network provider.

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44 Replies to “Generate UPC Online & Port Aircel Even If You Lost Aircel SIM

    1. Hi Anil.. I am unable to port my AIRCEL no. to other networks. I have lost my sim yesterday. How to get sim no. without a sim?? Any answer please

      1. If you have lost your SIM card, you are left with two options. My suggestion is to go for 2nd option as it is more convenient and consumes less time and money.
        1) Visit nearest ‘Aircel Office’, make a SIM replacement request and wait for 24 hours to get the new SIM activated. This is highly unlikely to work because of their current situation and network issues.
        2) Visit nearest ‘Aircel Head Office’ with any ‘Identity Proof’ and get last 5 digits of your old SIM card number. They will give you port-out code if you request there itself.

  1. The UPC generated from the Aircel website says code is valid till April 16th, 2018; is it going to work still or has the validity period been extended?

    1. No. Porting will not be successful with expired UPC. To resolve this issue, contact @Aircel on Twitter or visit nearest Aircel head office and get the validity extended. They will extend your UPC validity.

  2. I want to port my aircel sim to another network as it is closed but its not happening after trying all methods of porting….what to do to get ported…

    1. Hello Akash,
      Just last month I ported my Aircel number into Airtel. I generated the port code from the Aircel website last month only and it showed that the code expired on April 16th 2018 but it still worked.
      I tried calling aircel customer care but they were asking for Rs 300 for port code but then I just tried the website generated code and that worked perfectly.

  3. sir my was lost and lock i want to port my number aircel to idea please my request accepted sir this no in business number in my work has ten port my number please send port code please give the code

    1. If the number is still not used by any other person then you can grab it.
      As far as I know, Vodafone does that. But you have to register that number as a postpaid connection. Later you can switch to prepaid connection after a mandatory postpaid usage period. You may be charged for the number.
      Note that if the number is marked as fancy/premium then you might end up paying amount in thousand(s).

  4. Sir i want to Port my aircel number i have it’s mobile number it’s sim serial number but can’t able to do anything what should I do to Port my aircel number in any network… please help

    1. Its been already an year since the Aircel network is down. You need to first check whether your mobile number is still under your identity.
      To verify, you can call your Aircel number from another number and check if its still functioning and if its under some other user identity.
      If its not functioning or if its not under any other user identity, then you can directly take the Aircel SIM along with your identity proof to your choice of network provider customer care office and ask them to port your Aircel number to their network.
      You may be charged for retaining your number, it depends on the network operator.

  5. Sir i have checked many times this number is still in my identity even now i am using Whatsapp account from this aircel number…and when i call to know status of my number it says this number is not in use or not available. Tell me now what have to do for porting my aircel number to another network in Google no any site is working to generate UPC code…so tell me what i can to do for generate UPC code.

    1. I got this link from the official Aircel website. Maybe its down for some reason. Try directly going to other network provider customer care office and ask them to port your Aircel number. Also take ‘universal port code’ along with you. Check the post for the code.

  6. After read your blog I port my aircel no in airtel
    But my new sim cant access network
    Many times I changed it. The sim also register with my name,but cant access network. Many times I called airtel customer care, they say number is activated. What can I do sir. Can I Recharge with FRC without network.

    1. Glad to know that my guide has helped you in porting your Aircel number to Airtel.
      Yes, you can visit any nearest recharge point for recharging your Airtel number with FRC.
      For network issues, set the ‘network selection’ to ‘automatic’ under ‘mobile networks’ option. And also enable 4G connectivity for your Airtel SIM.

  7. Hi Anil,
    I have my Aircel SIM card and got the SIM number too. But I cannot generate the UPC code as the website link mentioned is not working.
    How can I get the number back?

    1. As suggested for most of the commenters, note down the ‘Universal Porting Code’ and directly visit any other network custom care office with required documents. Ask them to port your Aircel number without the UPC, if they deny then provide them the universal porting code.
      That’s the only way working right now until the official online UPC generation link starts working again.

  8. Sir

    I was using Aircel Number and ported to Airtel,but for not paying the bill the number is not in airtel and is cancelled, Airtel is telling they can do it if it was done in 45 days,now what is the procedure to retrieve th number

    1. I was a bit occupied with some personal work, hence couldn’t reply. Anyways, if the grace period is completed (as in your case), AFAIK your number will be sent to permanent disconnection. It may take 3 months for your number to be available for registration again. You can then try registering it again on your name by simply visiting any network custom care office directly.

  9. i ported my aircel number to vodafone when the network issue started but due to not paying the bill they r saying it is sent back to aircel m.. Can i het tht back from aircel since im n verymuch need of tht numher

  10. I have lost my aircel sim. At that time aircel got dead. No urgently for some reason I need that number (any cellular network) so plz help. Me how to port that deactivate number to other number. Tried all the methods. Is there any other last hope…

    1. If it is already more than three months since the number has been deactivated then check if the required mobile number is owned by someone else. Try calling that number to verify.
      If it is not then visit any network customer care office with necessary proofs and register that mobile number as a postpaid connection in your name. Then after 90 days, you can convert that mobile number into prepaid connection.

  11. Sir, my is lost from 5-6 months and now I want to port this sim into Vodafone. Please guide me with the steps. I am calling the customer care no from last week but the no is not available.

  12. Sir, I had an Aircel Number that got deactivated almost a year ago ; then I did not wanted that number but now I need it as I had used the same for some of my research group log ins , I tried everything including post paid connection of third party ( Number is not given to anyone yet) Nothing is working, also one bsnl employee told me that all Aircel Numbers have been deactivated permanently. Do reply .
    What can be done in this case ?

    1. Your mobile number might not have been recycled yet. This can be due to three reasons: 1) Your operator is yet to release your number which is highly unlikely because of the current situation of Aircel. 2) Your number is released but have not been recycled. 3) Someone else might have already registered your number back then, and recently got it deactivated due to present compulsory minimum recharge rules.
      Either way, you should periodically check its availability if the number is important to you. You can befriend one of the customer care executive for this purpose.

    1. First check if someone is already using your Aircel number. If no one is using your number then check if it is released for re-use. This is done automatically after 90 days of your number getting deactivated. Then go to any nearest customer care center with appropriate documents and ask them to re-register your mobile number on your name. They may ask you to go for postpaid, accept it and later switch to prepaid.

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