How to Become a Doctor in India – Eligibility, Training, Study & Salary

Everyone in once their childhood has the dream of becoming a doctor. If you have come across this article, then you must be looking for a perfect guide for how to become a doctor in India. Therefore, if the childhood dream is still living inside your body then you are in the right place.

This career guide keeps crafting the people (Indian medical aspirants) who are in the need of perfect assistance to become a doctor. In this article, I have covered everything from scratch and the topics like eligibility criteria, process, and examination process in the details.


Before directly coming to the main part of this article. Let me mention something more about a doctor. The title of “Doctor” in front of your name can be earned in different ways in India. You can become a doctor by achieving a PhD in a specific field, It can be also obtained by completing any degree like MBBS, or some relevant courses.

Why become a doctor?

A doctor’s hands are a kind of miracle. You must have given the visit to the doctor once in the year? The reason is simple. You have medical problems and the doctor has the only solution to your problem.

A doctor can treat their patients and also can relive happiness in their lives. This job is one of the perfect jobs which does give job satisfaction along with the monetary satisfaction in India. This sector is more financially strong and that is the reason that most of the aspiring Indian medical aspirants want to become a doctor.

Duties of a Doctor

This depends upon the particular doctor’s specialization. Let me mention some of the common duties of a doctor.

  • Examine patients and arrive upon diagnosis of the results.
  • Prescribe medications (This depends)
  • Perform surgeries (This also depends upon the issue patient is having)
  • Manage staff comprising of nurses, paramedical and allied healthcare workers
  • Educate patients and their family members
    Check patients’ records and keep an eye on their recovery/rehabilitation

Skills Required to become a perfect doctor

This job is way more than only earning a passive income in the month. You need to be compassionate with your job to help others who are trusting you. I am mentioning some of the skills that are required to become a perfect doctor apart from only earning the bucks.

  • Compassion and willingness to help others with their problems.
  • Patience.
  • An eye for the details.
  • Concentration towards work.
  • Physical stamina.
  • Calm and composed nature towards patients.
  • Medical capabilities.
  • Quick thinking and willingness to learn new things on the time.

How to Become a Doctor in India

I may not have mentioned this earlier but in this article, we will be only discussing the MBBS process to become a doctor in India. It is a 5.5 Year long degree and the one year which is required for the internship to become a doctor.

Let me mention the steps that are involved to become a doctor in India.

1. Meet the Eligibility

A student must have passed 10+2 from the science stream including physics, chemistry, and biology as the main subjects. It is essential to be considered for the MBBS course.

So, you need to be sure about your passion and must have a look at the admission criteria in the universities.

2. Appear for the Relevant Entrance Tests

If you want to get admission in any reputed medical college or institute then you must appear and pass the relevant entrance tests required by the reputed medical colleges, universities, and institutions.

3. Apply for Admission

If you already come in the eligibility criteria and even have passed the entrance tests then step three would be taking admission in those reputed institutions.

4. Complete the Course

You need to complete the whole course. This depends upon the course duration after the admission. You need to pursue 4.5 years of classroom training and one year of the internship to successfully become a doctor in India.

Though, the MBBS degree is itself enough to get the title of the doctor. However, you can also pursue other certifications such as MS, MD and PGDM programs (to boost one’s career prospects).



Here we come at the end. This article is limited to the MBBS process only to become a doctor in India. It is far more important to understand why you need to become a doctor. This only decides the perfect way to get the title of “Doctor” in India. Do let me know in the comments section if there is anything else to ask.

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