How to Become a Pilot in India – Eligibility, Training, Study & Salary

You may believe me or not but every child dreamt of flying at least once in a life. Some children wish to fly as passengers and while the other ones wish to become pilots & taking aircraft into the skies. I can even assure that most of the kids had purchased a helicopter or aeroplane toy once in their childhood. The dream can be true as the modern kids are capable of taking on sky works based on their skills and can fly the whole aeroplane as a pilot. However, if you have come across this article then you must be passionate about becoming a pilot in your life. In this article, I have published how to become a pilot in India.

Types of Pilots

The modern country and its aviation now provide modern and categorized people to fly these sophisticated machines. That is the reason, that pilots nowadays are classified into different categories.

  • Helicopter Pilots: The pilots who can fly the civilian or military helicopter,
  • Fighter/combat Pilots: Pilots who are trained to fly a fighter plane with supersonic fighting skills.
  • Commercial Pilots: The pilots who are highly experienced and capable of flying the passenger’s aircraft.
  • Sports/ Amphibian pilots: The pilots who are capable of landing and taking off hydroplanes over the water.
  • Freighter pilots: The pilot crew who can fly gigantic Freighter aircraft.
  • Balloonists: The people or we can say the hobbyist who can fly the hot air balloon into the skies.
  • Surveillance pilots: The skilled pilots who can fly on extremely high altitudes.
  • Hobby aviators: People who own and can fly their small aircraft.
  • Test pilots: The pilots who are well experienced and test the new aircraft launched.
  • Space pilots: The trained pilots who are formerly from the military to fly the space shuttle.

A Career as a Pilot

A career in the pilot is extremely perfect for teenagers who are passionate about their dream of becoming a pilot. You can call this profession lucrative. It is because the median pilot salary would be more than Rs 2 lakh per month. The salary is increasing and it depends upon the experience and time a particular pilot is having.

Commercial and Freighter pilots enjoy soaring into the skies and also travel around to the world to visit different places and countries. Moreover, they also train their junior aviators.

Pilots are even skilled in providing medical emergency assistance during the in-flight operations. Moreover, fighter pilots are capable of everything. They not only save the nation but also ensure the country is safe.

Flying as Profession

I already have mentioned that becoming a pilot is one of the current obsession in modern India. You may not believe me but the commercial pilots are earning the highest salary in this Industry.

There is also rapid development in the aviation system. Thank to advances in various fields development that now the people can take flying lessons at private flying schools.

How To Become a Pilot in India

It is quite quick these days to become a pilot in India. You only need to have the right skills and if you are the right candidate, then no one can stop you from living your passion dream.

How To Become a Pilot in India (1)

Thanks to the flying schools. It is now possible to learn to fly the aircraft from the school itself. In some of the countries, teenagers more than the age of 16 can be acquired as a trainee pilot.

The rules are different for different countries.

Qualifications to Become a Pilot:

For Indian Air Force

  • Minimum qualification: SSC or HSC
  • Minimum Age: 18 years
  • Excellent English language skills
  • Very high physical and mental fitness standards as defined by Indian Air Force
  • You need to pass entrance exams to qualify for basic airman training with the Indian Air Force.

For Private Institutions

  • Minimum qualifications: SSC or HSC
  • Maximum age: 18 years
  • Excellent English language skills
  • Level-2 medical and mental fitness certificate
  • Basic entrance exam at some private flying schools

Important Points for Becoming a Pilot

  • Those who wish to learn to fly the aircraft. They can have two options. Either, they join the Indian army to serve the nations or work as a commercial pilot to receive a higher payout.
  • You should be having excellent mental and physical fitness to get qualified for military or civilian pilots.
  • The academic qualifications are different in various countries. Still, this could be one of the essential things required by most of the flying schools.
  • The basic fees to learn to fly the aircraft is more than Rs 3 Lac and the course duration is no more than 30-60 days.
  • Flying is taught free to military pilots. They only require to serve their country for the number of years.

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A Pilot course and profession are full of hazards. It is because of the rising terrorism among the countries increases the risks. Most of the people prefer to work as a commercial pilot compared to serving the nation.

I can also understand that some of the persons are passionate enough to take this job. Therefore, in this article, I have added a perfect guide for how to become a pilot in India.

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