How to Become a Scientist in India – Eligibility, Training, Study & Salary

A scientist is one of the most valuable and respectable professions in the whole world. A scientist is one who is responsible to make this planet more advanced and beautiful. All the technologies we are having it right now is only because of the scientists that allow us to know more and more about this world and even about the other worlds which are actually existing.

A Job profile of the scientist generally includes planning, analyzing and directing various goals and achievements. The scientists can even save a life by developing new life-saving drugs. Anyway, let’s come to the main point. We know that many people have their childhood dream to become a scientist. if this passion is still living inside your body then I think you are in the right place. I have added a perfect guide on how to become a scientist in India in this article, along with the educational and other requirements.

Scientist Eligibility

The minimum qualification whichever is needed to become a scientist is 10+2 and that too from the science stream including physics, chemistry, and biology as the main subjects.

It is not only the thing that is required. You even need some graduation and post-graduation degrees like MSC to become a scientist.

Scientist Required Skills

It is not easy to become a scientist. They even have some responsibilities apart from earning a hectic income per month. Therefore, I am adding up some list of skills that are required to fulfill this profession.

  • Scientists required dedicated attention and they must have the ability to work for longer hours to achieve their plans.
  • They are also required to work independently sometimes and also, with the little guidance.
  • They need to motivate themselves every time.
  • The scientists also should possess an enthusiasm for their subjects like presentation skills, team-working skills, computing skills, time management, and people skills.

How to Become a Scientist in India

It is only the three steps process to become a scientist in India. However, these three steps are not easy and as quick as they seem.

How to Become a Scientist in India

Step 1

The first and most essential step to becoming a scientist is to choose the subjects after completing the 10th. You need to be an expert and most importantly you should be interested in Physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, geology, astronomy and other social science.

Once the subjects are decided then you can opt for the chosen degree based on the subjects you have chosen in 10+2.

  • Bachelors of ART (Social Sciences)
  • Bachelor of Science (In applied and physical science with some related subjects)
  • B.E/B.Tech in some subjects.

Step 2

We have completed our graduation or basic education. The main thing which is more important now is to complete post-graduation in a specific field. You can apply for the master’s degrees given below.

  • Master of Science
  • M.E/M.Tech.

Important Note: Please note that you should need more than 60% marks to get admission in the reputed universities and colleges.

Step 3

Completed master’s degree? Now, the aspiring scientists can apply for the Doctoral Ph.D. degree from some of the reputable scientist’s universities or institutions.

The budding scientists can even take the tests like ARS/NET, Indian institute of space science entrance test, Scientist entrance test by DRDO to pursue their career as a professional scientist.

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With the increasing popularity and the population, explosive growth has generated plenty of requirements in the research and development Industry. As we know that India comes in one of the top countries which undertake basic scientific research. Therefore, scientists are required in almost every field.

In the end, there could be a great scope for the people who are passionate to become a scientist in India. To make sure they go through the right process towards achieving their passion and dream. We have added this guide that how to become a scientist in India.

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