How to Get Skins in CSGO?

CSGO Skins are among the most valued items in the game. Skins are mostly used on weapons and gear, and they help to make the regular items look unique, advanced, and lethal as well. There are just many reasons to get CSGO skins. But we won’t be talking about the benefits of these skins today. Instead, let’s change our focus and discuss how you can get the skins.

Generally, where can you get the CSGO skins? Are there free CSGO skins available? We will be answering these two questions in this article.

How Can you Get CSGO Skins?

Generally, it can be summarized in two ways. You can buy the skins, or you can opt to get them for free. The option of buying them gives you more freedom because you will go for the exact skin that pleases you. But when you are going for the free skins, you will depend on luck since you only get what is offered for free. All in all, you must get a skin from either option.

CSGO Skins

Let us explore the various ways to get CSGO skins.

1. Buy them on Steam Market

The first option we’d give you is the Steam Market option. If you are willing to spend some dollars on the CSGO skins, you should consider heading to the Steam Market. There are multiple CSGO skins available on the Steam Market, which you can buy based on your budget. You can get skins that go for less than $1, but others are available for over $1,000. The good news is that you will choose what you want and get exactly that.

However, keep in mind that the price of the skin you want will depend on its demand and popularity. In other words, the demand, popularity, and rarity of the skin will affect its final price. So, ensure that you buy the CSGO skins wisely because that item you bought at $50 might go for $1,000 in the future.

2. Free Skins from Weekly Drops

For those that are ardent gamers but don’t like overspending on in-game based items, you can opt for the free CSGO skins. Generally, the easiest and most natural way to get new free CSGO skins is by playing the game. But for you to get these free skins, you will need to be consistent with your gaming. You won’t only get the skins as soon as you log in and start playing the game. But, you must play the game and go through multiple missions in the game.
Furthermore, you can play the game on community servers so that you can access more competitive games.

Nevertheless, when playing on community servers, you must ensure that the server is Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) enabled. It is only if the server is VAC enabled that you can be sure of getting the weekly drops.

Also, playing on VAC-enabled servers grants you up to 4 drops per week. One of the weekly drops will be a reward for ranking up. The other three drops are offered randomly as you play the game. Usually, these random drops will come in forms of cases, which will include multiple skins.

The good thing about this method is that you will get skins that are for free. But there is a catch; most of the cases you get in the weekly drops will require you to purchase a key to unlock them. Even though you can receive a rare and valuable skin in the boxes, the chances are very minimal.

3. Skins from Offer Walls

Offer walls are also among the best way to get CSGO skins for free. Over the years, there have been websites that offer rewards for multiple tasks. These rewards are available on the offer walls, and they include several quests for you to accomplish. The quest can be an easy one, or it can be challenging. One of the quests that you might be asked to fulfill is to leave your email address in the newsletter.

Conversely, you might be asked to install and place a specific mobile game for some time or until you reach a certain level. You might also have to reach a certain score before you can get the free skins.

Besides the free skins, you can also get rewards for fulfilling the tasks accordingly. By the way, there are still some offer walls that specifically deal with competitive games. If what you need are the free CSGO skins, the offer walls that deal with competitive games should be the best choice for you. Such offer walls can also give you coins, points, and gems.

After you get enough of the points from the offer wall, you can exchange them for an item from their store.

4. Giveaways

You can also be lucky and find free CSGO skins if you take part in giveaways. Here you get lotteries that are managed by CSGO YouTubers, CSGO streamers, and other websites that host CSGO players. In rare cases, you can be lucky if your teammates give you some free skins before the game starts. However, their aim here is usually to boost the popularity of the team. Either way, you will be sure of getting amazing skins for free.

The best part is that these giveaways and lotteries are free to enter. All you need to get the free items is to join the lottery. However, you might have to use your social profile, email address, or Steam account to enter. Anonymous logins may not be possible.

Most of the giveaway system is based on the ticket mechanism. Basically, you may have to do an action to get more tickets. Each of the tickets you get is your share in the probability of being picked. Furthermore, this will bring you closer to the free CSGO skins that are given.

Oh, and there are also some giveaways on social media. But these social media giveaways are not too big – though they are quite organic. All you have to do is search for #giveaway and #csgoskins for on Twitter for you to get the free skins.

Besides buying and using the CSGO skins in the game, you can turn it into a money-making strategy. There are a few ways of making money with CSGO skins. Just make sure you use the ideal option.

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