How to Make Money with a Great Blogging Niche

When you are in the midst of uncertain economic times, it’s important to diversify your income streams. Working for a single employer and putting all your eggs in that basket is not a prudent path to follow. With pandemic lockdowns and dramatic changes in consumer habits and buying patterns the only thing you can truly count on anymore is massive change. There may be a time in the future when things settle down again but for now disruption is the name of the game.

Everyone should have a side hustle today. If you start your venture now you are taking the first steps to creating a reliable future income stream. Initially, the added income can supplement your existing wages from your job. In the future, with the right choices, your venture can grow to the point where you no longer need to work for someone else. Blogging is a great business choice for those who communicate well, are extremely passionate about a subject and have the marketing savvy to do things right.

Get the Training You Need

One of the best things you can do to get started is to make sure you have all the training you need. A successful blogger will need technical training, writing and communication skills and a strong background in marketing. By enrolling in a university program, you can get the right business and technical training. You can also pick up key marketing and writing courses as part of your curriculum. In order to be able to finance your college degree you should consider taking out private undergraduate student loans to pay for your education. These loans, which are typically provided by credit unions, banks and finance companies, will allow you to sign up for college now and pay the expenses off over time.

Choosing the Perfect Niche

When you are sifting through ideas for the perfect blog niche for you, it’s helpful to find the intersection where your passion, knowledge and ability to inspire people come together. Your passion about a subject will come through loud and clear in your writing and communication. Your knowledge will provide the keen insights and great recommendations that blog readers are looking for. Third, your inspiration will move people to take action and they will come back to your blog looking for more.

One of the ways to select the perfect niche is to ask yourself whether you can bring the people who follow your blog together and form a tribe. A tribe or community is linked by a common interest, shared values and a feeling of belonging. People today are looking for leadership and will naturally gather around a powerful individual who has important information to share and speaks to the heart of their audience’s needs and desires.

The Money Model

When you have a successful blog, you can make money in a lot of different ways. You will often see that the individual who runs the site has written a book, which gives them instant credibility as a knowledgeable source with something important to share. There is even software available that can create a book from your individual blog posts. You can make money by selling your book through your site or an Amazon. In addition, you can offer online courses that are perfect for your niche. As an example, let’s take a real-life success story where a mom came up with a great blog niche. She offers three online courses with great topics that sell for an average of $22.50 each. If she simply sells 100 of each course per month, she would generate $6,750 per month from that offering alone.

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