Is The Walking Dead TV Series Popular in India?

The Walking Dead was known as “TWD” is one of the most popular television series in the world. This outstanding television series started in 2010 and has just completed the 10th season in the year 2019. It is based on a comic book that is being written by some of the brilliant fiction writers. It is now one of the most popular television series that is being completed for almost ten years in the industry.

The story is mainly based on survivors who are struggling to get escape from Zombies and they are trying hard to be alive under the constant threat from the zombies. After the end of humanity, the survivors also busy with the other groups and communities imposing their own laws. They always lead to life-threatening conflicts between different human communities.

If someone will ask about the actors, Andrew Lincoln had played the lead character of the series and from that time, there are a number of actors who have played their respective roles in this series. Needless to mention, there are noted television celebrities like Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker and Emily Kinney, have played their role. This popular series is being broadcast by AMC and being aired internationally by Fox Networks Groups.

According to its makers, TWD is made for the entertaining audience it is made in the studio which is located in Georgia and most of the outdoor spaces have been taking place in Riverwood Studios. According to its producer, the series is completely harnessed from the comic book written by Frank Darabont and he had also participated as show runner initially. After there was a conflict among AMC and Darabont, he was forced to get out of that series. Latter, he has drafted a number of lawsuits to this production house.

According to a study, TWD Season-3 (Premiered on October 14, 2012) has attracted a middle-aged audience compared to others. Most of the audiences were aged between eighteen to fourteen and later the number of viewers has reduced. Its reduced popularity couldn’t restrict it to grab different awards. At the present time, there are several millions of viewers are watching this series through different mediums.

While talking about the audience, there was a dip while viewing the “Lines We Cross” episode. The 10th season has lost almost its attractiveness and this series has lost almost 34% viewers compared to its 7th and 8th season. “The Calm Before Episode” has also experienced a 3% dip in entire viewership.

Previous episodes were attracting adult viewers aged between eighteen to fourteen years but the 10th season has witnessed a dip in this audience. It had witnessed 1.4 and 1.9 ratings respectively. This dip is an all-time low in the history of TWD.

These numbers are truly discouraging and these episodes couldn’t gather maximum eyeballs. According to critics, Angela Kang was shown these series and it was based on Robert Kirkman’s comic. This is the main reason why; this show couldn’t create a buzz among viewers. The 10th season has been directed by Greg Nicotero and it was available on the AMC Premiere subscription service from September 29, 2019.

Is this Show is Popular in India?

After a worldwide view, this is the time to think about Indian viewers. India has the highest number of television viewers in the world. According to a study, in the year 2018, almost 197 millions of television viewers were in India. The numbers are rising each and every year. All most all television series are getting mixed popularity from the Indian audience.
According to the survey of the Broadcast Audience Research Council, almost 82% of the Indians prefer to watch television programs. Most of the viewers prefer to watch along with their family members or friends. Among them, 34% of viewers are youth. They do mainly prefer to watch sports, movies, news and other entertainment programs during their television watching hours.
There is a huge number of viewers are watching this fantastic show by Hotstar India. As most of the Indians have their own smartphones, it is easier to watch these television series with them. Most of the Indians prefer to watch them spending a few bucks.

Worldwide rating always influences the Indian audience. Therefore, there is a dip in the popularity of this horror show series among Indian viewers. This is the main reason; it has earned a mixed view among the audience. According to a study, most of the young Indian audience prefers to watch this outstanding series of horror. Therefore, it was right to say, it has a huge viewer base in India. The Walking Dead – watch online in order to get the perfect dose of the zombie horror and the story of survivors.

How The Walking Dead is Different from the Other Zombie Stories?

Unlike other zombie movies or TV series, TWD is a story of the survivors who are completely unknown to each other in the real world. After killing the zombies, there are getting united as a family. Therefore, this family bond always matches the ethos of the Indian viewers as all most all are getting involved within family life and they prefer to watch this series.

The story of TWD is realistic. For example, you can find a number of zombie movies with a sarcastic character which is quite different from the current TWD. It shows what would happen if an apocalypse were to actually happen in the world. Apart from that, someone can easily experience normal human behavior from these characters. All most all these characters are ending up with mistakes that are common for all human beings. They are also selfish, greedy and one of them has backstabbed. These common human behaviors will bind the viewers with this outstanding television show.

TWD is just like a real-life experience. While watching this television series can experience your involvement in these episodes. They are just the same as other normal individuals in terms of making quick decisions and fighting each other. Therefore, it would be great to watch this outstanding TV series along with your friends.

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