Top Must Have Android Apps For Rooted Android Mobiles

You can do a lot more with your rooted Android mobile with the help of some must have Android apps. If you want to unlock full potential of your Android mobile then you should and must root it, and then take advantages of the following must have Android apps.

Must Have Android Apps


  • Rooted Android mobile.
  • Internet connection for downloads.
  • External memory card for backups.

Own a GT-S7262 Android mobile?

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Star Pro/Plus Duos GT-S7262 Android mobile then you can check out my guide on how to root GT-S7262 Android mobile. If you still experience any problem while rooting your GT-S7262 Android mobile then either comment below or on that guide, I will try my best to help you.

Why additional apps for rooted Android mobiles?

The main reasons for rooting an Android mobile may include,

  • Increasing mobile performance.
  • Increasing RAM (via SWAP).
  • Flashing overclocked kernel.
  • Increasing battery life.
  • Removing bloatware apps.
  • Increasing internal memory (2nd partition on SD card) etc.

After rooting an Android mobile, we will be granted superuser access i.e, root access. Rooting an Android mobile does not mean that you have instantly increased your mobile performance or you can just directly customize it.

You will have to make use of some of the must have Android apps specifically developed for rooted Android mobiles to achieve the above listed goals. Some of these must have Android apps are available on Play Store (both freeware and donation supported apps) and others are available in Internet. You have to download the apps that are not present in Play Store directly from the links provided by the app developers or using available mirror links.

Top Must Have Android Apps For Rooted Android Mobiles

Now that we have gone through the requirements and the need for additional must have Android apps, lets take a look into the must have Android apps for rooted Android mobiles.


Before proceeding, we recommend you to take a backup of EFS/IMEI partitions of your Android mobile. These partitions has data related to your device network and signals. You can make use of this backup to restore your Android mobile to the previous working state if you encounter any network related issues while using any of the mentioned apps.

You should check out my another guide on how to backup & restore EFS (IMEI) and Modem partitions of an Android mobile.

Additionally, take a nandroid backup of entire ROM on your external memory card using your mobile’s custom recovery. Use this nandroid backup or parts of it to restore your Android mobile to the previous working state when you totally mess up your Android mobile while exploring it.


Price: Free, Pro (includes additional features)

BusyBox is a tiny application that helps us to install busybox binary on our Android mobile. The busybox binary provides many useful standard Unix tools for use with Linux kernels in Android devices. That makes it ideal for use with embedded devices.

It is one of the must have Android apps for any rooted Android mobile. Almost every rooted application needs busybox binary support to perform their operations. If you have a rooted Android mobile then you need BusyBox.

We suggest you to right-away install BusyBox application and then busybox binary on your Android mobile.

Download Link: Download BusyBox from Play Store.


Price: Free, Donation Package (unlock additional features)

Greenify is the most downloaded and top rated Android app for rooted Android mobiles. If you are having a non-rooted Android mobile then also Greenify can help you a lot.

Basically, Greenify helps you identify misbehaving and battery consuming/draining apps. You can choose to put them into hibernation mode when they are not being used. Putting apps into hibernation mode prevents them from running automatically and in the background. Thus stopping them from consuming mobile battery and precious RAM resulting in less lags. When an app is put into hibernation mode, it must be explicitly launched in order to perform its usual tasks preserving full functionality in the foreground.

Greenify is one of the must have Android apps that we recommend to our users to install on their Android mobiles and let the app increase their mobile performance.

Important: You should verify the impact of greenified apps on which you rely on before excluding them from whitelist.

Download Link: Download Greenify from Play Store.

Alternate Download Link: Download Greenify from XDA Developers Forum.

L Speed (Boost & Battery) [ROOT]

Price: Free

If you have not installed L Speed even after rooting your Android device, then you are missing one of the finest Android app. It includes various tweaks to increase mobile performance, reduce significant lags, extend battery life etc. The only requirement for this app is to have a rooted Android mobile with Android version 4.0.3 or higher.

L Speed is one of the recommended must have Android apps that should be installed on your Android mobile.

I have even made a detailed guide on L Speed App for maximum performance settings. Click on the attached link.

Download Link: Download L Speed from Play Store.

Alternate Download Link: Download L Speed from XDA Developers Forum.


Price: Free, Plus (includes additional features)

Link2SD is a management application that enables apps management and storage management easily. It supports Android versions 2.0 and higher. When you have insufficient internal storage to install applications on your rooted Android mobile then you can make use of this application to move user installed applications to external SD card.

This app can be used to link apk, lib and dex files of applications to SD card, force move user installed apps to SD card, set default installation location, remove non-needed system apps (bloatware), freeze apps and has many more additional features. Visit official website to know all the features.

Due to the long list of features Link2SD provides, we have included it in our must have Android apps list and also recommends our users to install it on their Android mobiles.

Website: Link2SD

Download Link: Download Link2SD from Play Store.

Terminal Emulator for Android

Price: Free

If you are a Linux geek or even good with Linux commands then this app is for you. You can access your Android mobile built-in Linux command line shell using Terminal Emulator and execute those commands right from the application command line interface.

Some useful features of Terminal Emulator are,

  • Full Linux terminal emulation.
  • Multiple windows.
  • Launcher shortcuts.
  • UTF-8 text.

On top of that this application is completely free. No advertisements, no in-app purchases, no nag screens, nothing.

Download Link: Download Terminal Emulator for Android from Play Store.

Alternate Download Link Download Terminal Emulator for Android from Github.

ROM Toolbox Lite

Price: Free (Lite version), Paid (additional features)

ROM Toolbox integrates most of the top root apps functionalities into one app with an easy to use interface. With the help of provided tools, you can make your Android mobile faster and customize it to your liking.

ROM Toolbox provides ROM Management, Root Browser, Scripter, Terminal Emulator, Auto Start Manager, Rebooter, Font Installer, Boot Animation Installer, Theme Manager, Set CPU, Build Prop Editor, SD Booster and many more functionalities. Lite version of the app is free to download and free to use but you may have to pay for the app for enabling some of the additional features.

Hence you should install this must have Android app on your rooted Android mobile.

Download Link: Download ROM Toolbox Lite from Getjar. This version from Getjar has all the features.

Alternate Download Link: Download ROM Toolbox Lite from Play Store. This version from Play Store is missing Application Manager.

Titanium Backup ★ root

Price: Free (minimal version), Paid (additional features)

Titanium Backup is a backup application for rooted Android mobiles that can back up our system and user installed applications along with app data to external storage of our choice. We can then restore the app or app-data whenever we desire in the future. We can move any app or app-data to/from the SD card. Best use-case for gamers and developers.

Whether you are an end user or a developer, this app is one of the must have Android apps that we recommend to install on your Android mobile and take advantage of its backup features.

For comparison between free and paid versions, you can visit the link

Download Link: Download Titanium Backup from Play Store.

GLTools [root] (gfx optimizer)

Price: Free (old version, mirror link with permission by developer), Paid (new version)

Change resolution, rendering bitness, change GPU name, enhance graphics, decompress and re-compress textures, optimize shaders etc using GLTools app. GLTools is a custom OpenGLES driver, that is compatible with OpenGLES 2.0-compatible GPU + ARM or x86 processor.

Download Link: Download GLTools from mirror link.

Source: XDA Developers Forum.

Paid Version: Download paid version of GLTools from Play Store.

That’s it for today! If you think that I have missed some of the important must have Android apps or if you have some suggestions for us, then kindly drop them in the comments below.

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