Play Unsupported Audio and Video Files in MX Player

If you are using MX Player to play audio and video files in your Android mobile, and if you cannot find a way to play unsupported audio and video files in it, then this guide is for you. Continue reading the guide to know the process involved, and downloads required to play unsupported audio and video files in MX Player in an Android mobile.

Play Unsupported Audio Video Files MX Player

MX Player

With over 500+ Million installations and around 68 Million reviews on Play Store, MX Player has become the most popular audio and video player among Android users.

This application was first released in 2011 by J2 Interactive. For an application that does not come pre-installed on Android mobiles, 500+ Million installations marks a major milestone for the media player as the downloads are 100% user generated.

Despite being acquired by Times Internet (Indian media company) for about $145 Million (Rs. 10,000 crore) and recently introduced full-screen advertisements, MX Player still maintains 4.5 out of 5 stars on Play Store. This proves that this media player is still loved and used by many Android users. I am one among them.

Why MX Player?

As you can see from above information, most of the Android users prefer MX Player over any other Android media player. This is simply because of its user interface (UI) and performance. It even surpasses VLC Media player on some aspects.

MX Player includes support for a wide variety of custom codecs. Thus, it can play any file you can think of (provided it should be a media file) with the help of external/custom codecs.

MX Player has numerous options compared to other media players that makes it superior to them. One can actually tweak MX Player using its settings to optimized playback and to match the hardware of his/her mobile.

MX Player is the most powerful media player that supports all audio formats out there. It is also the first video player that supports multi-core decoding feature. That means you can make use of dual-core of your Android mobile (if it supports) to improve its performance by 70%. Can you believe it?

How many of other media players supports pinch to zoom, zoom and pan on their free versions? MX Player does. Its a full-featured media player but with advertisements. MX Player supports a variety of subtitle formats and lock feature specially for kids.

On top of these features, MX Player supports some pre-defined themes (light, dark, blue etc) which you can choose from and make them default whenever you feel like.

These are some of the features that comes in the free version of MX Player. The only difference in the pro versions is the advertisements. In the pro version, you will experience ad-free media playback.

Even with such features, MX Player still cannot play some media files without the support of external/custom codecs. Following are the reasons for unsupported media in MX Player and instructions to be followed to play unsupported audio and video files in MX Player.

Reasons for Unsupported Media

Most of the current movies and videos available for download online are encoded with DTS / DTSHD / AC3 / EAC3 / MLP audio tracks. And as a hardware/software limitation, most of the Android mobiles cannot play these types of audio tracks. Hence users are unable to listen to the above mentioned types of audio tracks individually or along with the encoded video files.

MX Player too cannot play these types of audio tracks individually or along with encoded videos with its default installation.

Things required to play unsupported audio and video files in MX Player

To play unsupported audio and video files, you need to add custom codec to MX Player. The custom codec is specifically developed for MX Player, so rest assured that you will be able to play above mentioned audio tracks individually or along with encoded video files.

This custom codec contains FFmpeg library. FFmpeg is a multimedia framework which is able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play most of the multimedia files. The attached custom codec is just a modified version of the FFmpeg library used in MX Player. It’s modified to support DTS and Dolby (ac3) audio tracks.

Play Unsupported Audio and Video Files in MX Player

Follow the instructions below to play unsupported audio and video files in MX Player on your Android mobile.

1. First and foremost thing you have to do is, install MX Player on your Android mobile from Play Store if you haven’t already.

2. Launch MX Player.

3. Click on the 3-dots menu icon present on the top right corner of the app and select Settings option.

4. Then click on the Decoder option.

5. Now you have to scroll down to the bottom of the app and check for the required custom codec in the Custom Codec section. This section displays the type of custom codec (neon, tegra2, tegra3, x86) required for your Android mobile. DO NOT click on it yet.

MX Player Decoder Settings

6. Visit XDA-Forums developer thread (find link below), and download the required codec for your Android mobile. You can also click on the direct download links attached below to directly download the required codec to your Android mobile without visiting the forum.

XDA-Forums link:

Direct download links: (All In One),,, (links updated)

If the direct download links are not working, please let us know in the comments section below or contact us using contact form. We will update them as soon as possible.

7. DON NOT unzip the downloaded codec file. Just move it to the folder where it is safe from getting deleted. DO NOT delete it from your mobile until you switch back to the default codec.

8. Now again launch MX Player, and again click on the 3-dots icon present on the top right corner of the app and again select Settings option.

9. Now scroll down to the bottom of the app and then finally tap on Custom Codec option.

10. Browse to the folder where you saved the downloaded codec file (archive format) and then select the codec file (archive format).

Browse Custom Codec

11. Click on OK when you are asked to restart the MX Player. After confirming, MX Player will load the selected custom codec and restarts automatically.

12. To verify the installation of custom codec, navigate to Help > About section in MX Player and check for the custom codec info.

This way, you can play unsupported audio and video files in MX Player using custom codec even if they are not supported by default. This feature distinguishes MX Player from other media players and makes it superior to them. Hence, most of the Android developers and Android users prefer MX Player over other media players.

MX Player Alternative

It is not appropriate to consider MX Player the only customizable media player for Android mobiles. There are some other media players like VLC Media Player for Android that performs pretty well (not better than MX Player) and can be customized too. Most of all, it is free from advertisements. So, if you are too annoyed of advertisements in MX Player, you can either go for a pro version and support the developer or switch to VLC Media Player for Android.

All credit goes to USBhost, the developer of the custom codec, who made it possible for us to play unsupported audio and video files in MX Player.

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