Remove Screen Lock from an Android Mobile Without Loosing Data

If you forgot the screen lock of your Android mobile and are looking for various ways to disable or reset or remove it without loosing any data then you should definitely check out the following methods. These methods are different compared to the other available on the Internet as we believe formatting an Android device is the last option.

Remove Screen Lock - Android Mobile

Warning: This guide is intended for education purpose only. We believe this guide will help those who cannot unlock their Android devices due to common human mistakes. We do not support or encourage any illegal activity performed based on this guide.

Before getting into the procedures and instructions, lets discuss in brief about the screen lock security features and how sometimes in certain situations they can create problems.

Screen Lock Security

Android users can lock their Android mobiles using Password, PIN or Pattern. These locking features helps them to secure their Android mobiles from unauthorized access. Pattern, PIN and Password are the most commonly used locking mechanisms in an Android mobile.

Latest Android mobiles supports Fingerprint and Face recognition in addition to the above screen lock security mechanisms.

Some of the reasons for their widely usage are,

  • Flexibility and user engagement.
  • Screen Lock based on numbers and characters.
  • Screen Lock based on joining visible DOTS.
  • High security.
  • Easy to remember.
  • One can make pattern invisible. Making it difficult to see for peepers.
  • Pattern Lock can also be used by a person who cannot read and write.

These locking mechanisms are commonly referred to as Screen Locks. A screen lock typically requires the mobile owner or user to perform a specific action or sequence of actions to be able to use the screen lock protected Android device.

Hence, protecting your Android device using screen lock is a very good protective measure.

Situations That Can Create Problems While Using Protected Android Devices

Screen lock security protects our Android devices from unauthorized access, but it can also create some problems in some situations. These situations will prohibit us from using our screen lock protected Android devices.

Following are some of the common situations Android users gets into while using their devices.

  • Forgot Pattern Lock, PIN or Password.
  • Mobile locked due to repeated tries/attempts by family and friends.
  • Screen lock touch not responsive.
  • Mobile data and WiFi switched off. Resulting in no means to unlock our Android devices using Google username and password.

Remove Screen Lock from an Android Mobile Without Loosing Data ( Even if USB Debugging is disabled )

Following are the various methods using which one can disable or remove screen lock from an Android mobile or reset a screen locked Android device without losing any data. You have to try other methods if the current method does not work on your Android mobile.

  • Using ADB commands when USB debugging is enabled
  • Using TWRP recovery
  • Using Aroma File Manager
  • Factory reset

Using ADB commands when USB debugging is enabled

This method works only if USB debugging is enabled on your Android mobile. If USB debugging is disabled, you can try other methods mentioned in this guide.

  • Download SDK Platform Tools (includes ADB) from the attached link and extract its contents to C: drive.
  • Make sure your Android mobile drivers are installed on your computer.
  • Connect your Android mobile to your computer using USB cable.
  • Open extracted platform-tools folder, press Shift key on the keyboard and simultaneously Right Click on the mouse.
  • Select the Open command window here option.
  • Enter the following command to get the list of Android devices attached to the computer.
    adb devices

    If this command does not output any device id on the command prompt then you should reinstall the device drivers of your Android mobile on your computer and repeat the command again.

  • Now enter into the Android shell using the following command.
    adb shell
  • If you want to use WiFi network then enter the following command. This command enables WiFi of your Android mobile and connects to the existing connected WiFi networks.
    svc wifi enable

    If you want to use mobile data instead then enter the following command.

    svc data enable
  • Now you can use Google username and password to disable or remove screen lock from your Android mobile.
  • Don’t have access to WiFi network or mobile data? Just enter the following commands one after the another.
    rm /data/system/gesture.key
    rm /data/system/password.key

    The above commands deletes the files containing the screen lock data.

  • That’s it. Take out your mobile battery, re-insert it again and switch on your Android mobile.

Using TWRP recovery

If your Android mobile has TWRP recovery installed then you can follow this method to remove or disable screen lock on your Android mobile.

TWRP recovery has a built-in file manager that can be used to remove screen lock related user data from an Android mobile.

  • Boot into TWRP recovery.
  • From TWRP dashboard, click on the Advanced option.
  • Then click on the File Manager option.
  • Now browse to the /data/system location in File Manager.
  • Select gesture.key and/or password.key file(s).
  • Then select Delete option and then slide your finger on Swipe to Confirm option.
  • Reboot your Android mobile.

Using Aroma File Manager

You must have a custom recovery like CWM recovery or TWRP recovery installed on your Android device in order to remove screen lock from your device by following this method.

  • Download Aroma File Manager (.zip format) from the attached link and copy it to your mobile external memory.
  • Boot your Android mobile into recovery mode.
  • In recovery options, select install zip from SD card or apply update from SD card option. And then select file (xxx = version).
  • Aroma File Manager will be launched. Use Volume Up and Volume Down keys for scrolling.
  • Click on the Menu option located at the bottom right corner of the app and then select Settings option.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom and select Mount all partitions at startup option and then exit Aroma File Manager.
  • Relaunch Aroma File Manager using step-2.
  • Go to the /data/system/ location. You will find ‘gesture.key’ and/or ‘password.key’ file(s).
  • Long press on the gesture.key and/or password.key file(s), and select Delete option.
  • Exit from the Aroma File Manager and restart your Android mobile.

Factory Reset

If none of the above methods work, then the last option would be is to factory reset your Android mobile. This method not only removes the screen lock protection, but also removes all the user data from your Android mobile. Hence it is advised to use this method only after testing all other methods.

Note: You should backup your important data like calls, messages, WiFi passwords etc using any free application from Play Store before factory resetting your Android device.

  • Remove external memory card.
  • Boot into recovery mode.
  • Click on the Factory reset option or any other similar option available. This action will delete entire data present on your Android mobile including internal memory. So, use this option as a last resort.

This way we can disable or remove or reset Android mobile screen lock even if the USB debugging is disabled on our Android mobile. Hope this guide has helped someone.

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