Samsung GT-S7262 Custom Stock ROM [S7262XXUAOB1]

If you are looking for a Samsung Galaxy Star Pro/Plus Duos GT-S7262 custom stock ROM then you are at the right place. Read the post completely to know about the features of the GT-S7262 custom stock ROM, tools required to flash it, links to download them, and instructions to be followed before and after flashing the GT-S7262 custom stock ROM.

S7262 Custom Stock ROM

Need for custom stock ROMs

Before getting to GT-S7262 custom stock ROM, I would like to draw your attention to the common problems that users face while using the official stock ROM on GT-S7262 Android mobile.

GT-S7262 Android mobile is equipped with a single core ARM Cortex-A5 processor, Spreadtrum sc6820i chipset and 512 MB RAM. Almost 90% of the RAM is consumed by the Android OS, bloatware applications and other applications like Play Store, Google Play Services etc. Thus, it becomes very difficult even for a single third party application to run smoothly.

This does not mean that the mobile is unusable. It lags to the point that sometimes even the drawer does not respond. When you run a single application such as Facebook (full version) on your GT-S7262 Android mobile, your mobile becomes unresponsive due to lags.

To address this issue, I modified GT-S7262 stock ROM that can be installed on any rooted GT-S7262 Android mobile. Modifications includes removal of bloatware applications, latest custom kernel compiled from patched official Samsung kernel sources for increased performance and other useful root-level features.

Now that you have learned about the need for GT-S7262 custom stock ROM, you can check out the features below and decide whether to install the custom stock ROM or not.

About GT-S7262 Custom Stock ROM

  • Baseband version: S7262XXUANI1
  • Build: JZO54K.S7262XXUAOB1
  • Kernel: Stock CM Kernel V2 (fixed EFS/IMEI issue and white screen problem)
  • Removed bloatware for less memory and RAM usage.
    Bloatware – AccuweatherWidget.apk AccuweatherWidget_Main.apk ChatON_MARKET.apk Chrome.apk DeskClock.apk Dropbox.apk DropboxOOBE.apk FotaClient.apk Gmail.apk GMS_Maps.apk GoogleDrive.apk GoogleSearchWidget.apk GoogleTTS.apk Hangouts.apk Kies.apk MobileTrackerEngineTwo.apk Music2.apk MusicFX.apk Newsstand.apk PartnerBookmarksProvider.apk PlayGames.apk PlusOne.apk PreloadInstaller.apk SamsungApps.apk SamsungAppsUNA3.apk Samsungservice.apk SamsungTTS.apk SecEmail.apk SecExchange.apk SecMemo.apk Street.apk talkback.apk velvet.apk WebManual.apk YouTube.apk
  • Pre-rooted: Installed Superuser application and SU binary. So, no need to root GT-S7262 again.
  • Busybox installed.
  • Deodexed: Very useful for theming and flashing user interfaces (UIs)
  • Zipaligned: Efficient RAM usage

S7262 Custom Stock ROM - Free RAM

Your warranty is now void.
By installing this GT-S7262 custom stock ROM, you acknowledge that you won’t be able to claim official Samsung warranty.
You choose to install this custom stock ROM. Thus, I will not be held responsible for bricked devices or dead SD cards.
Please do some research about the features included in this ROM before installing it.
You have been warned.

Important: I am ItsAnilSingh, author of the most-downloaded modifications for GT-S7262 Android mobile. You should always download custom modifications released by me from the links I provide in this website or at XDA-Forums. I cannot guarantee the authenticity of modifications downloaded from other sources, and hence cannot provide support for downloads from such links. If you have any queries or issues with any of my modifications then kindly comment below. I will try to help you as soon as possible.

Samsung GT-S7262 Custom Stock ROM [S7262XXUAOB1]

Find below the download links, instructions and tools required to install GT-S7262 custom stock ROM in your Samsung Galaxy Star Pro/Plus Duos GT-S7262 Android mobile.


  • Rooted GT-S7262 Android mobile with custom recovery. Not rooted yet? Check out our GT-S7262 rooting guide.

Note: If you do not want to backup messages, call logs, Wi-Fi passwords, installed applications and their data to a safe place, and restore them after installing GT-S7262 custom stock ROM then kindly skip the backup process.

Backup Process:

Before we proceed, lets perform some backup operations. It is always recommended to backup entire data to a safe place before installing any custom modification. To do this you can make use of any custom recovery. This backed up data can be used to restore mobile to the previous state when something goes wrong with the process or when the modification does not meet our expectations.

To backup the user data follow the instructions below.

Backup applications: We need a root file explorer which can copy system and user installed applications, a data backup application that can backup call logs, messages, Wi-Fi passwords, data of selected applications etc.

In this tutorial, I used Root Explorer and Titanium Backup applications. You can use free applications from Play Store to backup desired data based on the following steps. Recommended applications along with the download links are attached below.

Backup Steps:

1) Install desired File Explorer and Data Backup application from the following links.

File Explorer: ES File Explorer, Root File Manger, Root Browser, Root Explorer (paid) etc.

Data Backup: Super Backup & Restore, Titanium Backup * Root (paid) etc.

2) Move audio, video, pictures, files etc from mobile “internal memory” to “external memory card”.

3) Backup messages of applications like WhatsApp, Line etc using their settings and move them to “external memory card”.

4) Open file explorer and navigate to /data/app/ location. Grant root access (if asked) and select applications based on choice and copy them to “external memory card”.

5) Open data backup application and grant root access (if asked). Now you can backup desired data like bookmarks, messages, call log, Wi-Fi passwords, game data etc to “external memory card”.

6) Last but not least, backup EFS/IMEI and related partitions to your “external memory card”. You can use this backup to restore EFS partition if you encounter any EFS/IMEI related problems in future.


Installing GT-S7262 Custom Stock ROM:

The following steps are for CWM recovery. If you have installed TWRP recovery then you need to touch the appropriate options and install ROM based on the following steps.

1) Make sure you have a rooted GT-S7262 Android mobile with a custom recovery installed.

2) Download the attached GT-S7262 Custom Stock ROM file and copy it to your mobile “external memory card”.

3) Power off your mobile. Wait for a minute, and then press Power button for 2 seconds and then simultaneously press and hold Volume UP + Home buttons at the same time.

4) When you see a read exclamation mark on top left corner of the screen, release the power button and keep holding other buttons. Your device will now enter into custom recovery mode.

Tip: Use power button to select and volume buttons to navigate in CWM recovery, touch the options in TWRP recovery.

5) Only for clean install: If you prefer a clean install then follow – wipe data/factory reset > Yes.

6) To install GT-S7262 custom stock ROM, follow: install zip > choose zip from external sdcard > select the ROM zip file > Yes.

7) That’s it. Watch the custom stock ROM getting installed on your Samsung Galaxy Star Pro/Plus Duos GT-S7262 Android mobile. When the installation is finished, reboot your mobile.

Don’t forget to restore all the backed-up data from external memory to your GT-S7262 Android mobile once you finish the setup process. If you still face any problems, leave a comment below.

This way you can install custom stock ROM on your GT-S7262 Android mobile using the above attached files and experience the lag-less performance along with the additional features supported by custom kernel.

That’s it for today.

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