Star Kernel for Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos GT-S7262

If you are looking for Star Kernel i.e, GT-S7262 custom kernel specifically compiled for Samsung Galaxy Star Pro/Plus Duos GT-S7262 Stock ROMs or custom ROMs based on Stock ROMs then you are at the right place. Read the post completely till the end to learn about the features of the Star Kernel, tools required to install it, and instructions to be followed before and after installing the custom kernel.

Star Kernel V3

Update: There’s an updated custom kernel for GT-S7262 stock ROMs named ‘CM Kernel’ having all of the Star Kernel features with additionally applied GT-S7262 chipset specific patches, device specific fixes and extra additions.

This updated CM Kernel also works on all GT-S7262 stock ROMs thanks to device specific fixes. Click on the attached link to check out my newest release Stock CM Kernel.

Need for GT-S7262 custom kernel

As a GT-S7262 Android mobile user, I faced issues one after the another due to the limited 512MB RAM, low performance thanks to 1GHz single core processor and stock kernel. This lead me to find ways to at least make the mobile moderately usable.

After finding out about some kernel specific performance boosting features, I decided to unlock them and started compiling custom kernels for GT-S7262 Android mobile one after the another by adding additional features and fixing bugs.

Star Kernel v3 is the third version in Star Kernel family. Check out its features below.

Features of Star Kernel

  • Compiled from latest official Samsung kernel source using official ARM toolchain 4.6.
  • Should work with every GT-S7262 Stock firmware. Use your favorite Stock ROM or Custom ROM based on Stock ROM with Star Kernel.
  • Buttery smooth performance.
  • Supports swap memory.
  • Reduced kernel size for better optimization.
  • Added support for changing PS frequency.
  • Enabled scaling of CPU frequencies. You can now scale CPU frequencies using third-party apps.
    • Frequencies: 500 (Mhz), 600 (Mhz), 700 (Mhz), 800 (Mhz), 900 (Mhz) and 1 (Ghz).
  • Enabled power management of idle CPU, profiling, tracing and migration.
  • Enabled kernel provided default governors and schedulers. Use your favourite one.
    • Included Custom Governor(s): InteractiveX, Lagfree, Lazy, Lionheart and SmartassV2 (tweaked for GT-S7262).
    • Included Custom Scheduler(s): SIO and SIO-Plus.
  • Enabled higher clockrates and optimized kernel for powersave.
  • Included NVS Hibernate driver, Dynamic Fsync Control, CPU Boost driver, Battery Life Extender (BLX driver), Frandom (fast pseudo-random generator) and TCP Congestion.
  • Added support for libstr and glibc memcpy.
  • Updates: zram (improved performance), softirq (improved performance), android ID autogroup, sched tweaks (improved performance), readahead (improved performance), optimized square root algorithm etc.
  • Fixes: Fixed swap for governors, fixed vfat, fixed i/o latency (resulted in 34% improvement), fixed cpufreq driver, fixed ondemand governor, fixed ext3 and ext4 bugs, fixed ARM fault etc.
  • Added insecure ADB and kernel for easy root. Allowed debugging, root and mock locations by default.
  • Added support for USB force fast charge, USB keyboard and DriveDroid.
  • Added support for NTFS (R/W), MSDOS, FAT, VFAT AND EXFAT file systems.
  • Increased performance and responsiveness using preemption model.
  • Other fixes that caused problems in BeastPro kernel.

Important: I am ItsAnilSingh, author of most-downloaded modifications for GT-S7262 Android mobile. You should always download custom modifications released by me from the links I provide in this website or at XDA-Forums. I cannot guarantee the authenticity of modifications downloaded from other sources, and hence cannot provide support for downloads from such links. If you have any queries or issues with any of my modifications then kindly comment below. I will try to help as soon as possible.

Your warranty is now void. By installing this custom kernel you acknowledge that you won’t be able to claim official Samsung warranty.
You choose to install this custom kernel. Thus, I will not be held responsible for bricked devices or dead SD cards.
Please do some research about the features included in this custom kernel before installing it.

Star Kernel for Samsung Galaxy Star Pro/Plus Duos GT-S7262 Android Mobile

Star Kernel V3

Those who couldn’t install previous versions of Star Kernel on their GT-S7262 Android mobiles due to various reasons like incompatibility with Custom Stock ROMs, EFS/IMEI problems, Network problems, Yellow Screen problems etc., can now download and install the attached version of updated Star Kernel.

Others who are already using previous versions of Star Kernel or any other custom kernel for Stock ROM can upgrade to Star Kernel V3 without any issues by following the simple procedure below.

If you are already using Stock CM Kernel specifically compiled for GT-S7262 stock ROMs then there is no need for you to download or install Star Kernel, as Stock CM Kernel has all the features of Star Kernel with extra additions and fixes.

Before proceeding with the instructions, lets have a look at the tools required to install Star Kernel on your GT-S7262 Android mobile. Without which you won’t be able to install custom modifications.

Below are the details of the tools required, links to download them and instructions to be followed to install Star Kernel on GT-S7262 Android mobile.


  • Rooted GT-S7262 mobile with TWRP or CWM recovery. Not rooted yet? Check out our GT-S7262 rooting guide.
  • A computer or a laptop.
  • Internet connection to download required files.

Backup Network Related Data:

Isn’t it a good idea to have a backup of EFS and Modem partitions i.e, network related data of your GT-S7262 Android mobile in a safe place for a quick recovery if you fail to follow the simple installation steps below? Please follow our backup EFS/IMEI and Modem partitions guide to know about the simple backup process. You can use this backup to restore EFS partition of your GT-S7262 Android mobile if you encounter any EFS/IMEI or network related problems in the future.

Downloads: (Links updated)

Star Kernel V3: (Updated)

Star Kernel V2:

BeastPro Cleanup:

Installing Star Kernel:

Following steps are for CWM recovery. If you are using TWRP recovery then you need to touch appropriate options and install Star Kernel based on the following steps.

1) Make sure you have CWM recovery or TWRP recovery installed on your GT-S7262.

2) Download the attached file and copy it to your mobile “external memory card”.

3) Power off your mobile. Wait for a minute, and then press Power button for 2 seconds and then simultaneously press and hold Volume UP + Home buttons at the same time.

4) When you see a red exclamation mark on top left corner of the screen, release the power button and keep holding other buttons. Your device will now enter into custom recovery mode.

Tip: Use power button to select and volume buttons to navigate in CWM recovery, touch options in TWRP recovery.

5) Follow this step only if you are using Beast Pro kernel: Follow: install zip -> choose zip from external sdcard -> select “” file -> Yes.

6) Follow: install zip -> choose zip from external sdcard -> select “” file -> Yes.

7) Thats it! Watch Star Kernel V3 getting installed on your GT-S7262. When finished installing, reboot your mobile.

That’s it for today. Hope this small guide has helped you to install Star Kernel on your GT-S7262 Android mobile. This custom kernel not only improves mobile performance but also has additional features. If you have already read the features section then you must be aware of those features, if not then kindly read the features listed above.

If you still face any problems, or has any doubts then leave a comment below. Share this post with your family and friends. Subscribe to our newsletter for latest post updates directly to your email inbox and YouTube channel for tech video tutorials.

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