[Android] [iOS] Top Apps For Students That Helps Them Study Better

One can make use of the following recommended top Android and iOS apps for students that can help them study better, improving their skills and studying capabilities.

Top Apps For Students

Why should students use the following Android and iOS apps?

When we do some smart work along with the usual hard work, the results will be above our expectations. In this context, smart work refers to the use of the top Android and iOS apps for students.

You can easily and effectively organize your time for studying using these applications. These applications not only maximizes your efforts but also helps in maintaining your schedule and improving your results.

In some situations, even if you are an A-class student or has an effective memory capability, you will end up forgetting some of the important things. Thus, messing up your results. Hence, it is not advised to solely depend on one’s memory capability when he/she can make use of some of the awesome Android and/or iOS apps for students.

The following Android and iOS apps are generally used by normal users but they can also be used by students.

Now that we have learned the importance of the following top Android and iOS apps for students, its time for us to check out these applications in brief along with their download links.

[Android] [iOS] Top Apps For Students That Helps Them Study Better

I have compiled a list of the top Android and iOS apps for students in no particular order. This list will surely make a difference in your academic preparations.


Download Wikipedia – Android | Download Wikipedia – iOS

If you are a student and browse the Internet for gathering information and gaining knowledge then you must be aware of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that hosts more than 40 million articles. These articles includes topics on history, science, politics etc. Thus it can help students find, discover and explore abundance knowledge.

Wikipedia also has an official Android and as well as an iOS application. It is a light weight application that consumes less mobile resources compared to accessing official website using a browser. Thus saving precious RAM and battery. Apart from its hardware advantages, Wikipedia application also packs some useful features.

Features like recommended content based on activity, multilingual support, save articles for offline reading, application themes, voice search, image gallery etc. Hence, Wikipedia app is among our top apps for students.


Download AudioNote – Android | Download AudioNote – iOS

You can record lectures and classes using AudioNote application and then refer them later for better studying. You can also write down the notes and all the important things clearly using these recordings. AudioNote app helps us to remember the context in which the text and photos were taken.

AudioNote app supports synchronizing notes and audio recordings, seeking audio by tapping on notes, highlighting notes, inserting text etc.

One can eventually improve his/her skills using AudioNote application, resulting in improved grades. Thus, AudioNote is one of the must have top apps for students.

Grammarly Keyboard

Download Grammarly Keyboard – Android | Download Grammarly Keyboard – iOS

With Grammarly Keyboard, you can write down your notes with confidence. Grammarly Keyboard actually does proofreading for you. Your essays, notes, assignments will be free from grammar mistakes. Who does not want grammar free content?

This app includes sophisticated grammar checker, contextual spelling checker, advanced punctuation corrector, vocabulary enhancer etc. It integrates smoothly will all applications and is also easy to setup.

This application also provides explanations for corrections. Thus, helping you to understand your mistakes, and improve your skills by avoiding them in the future. Hence, this application is a must have for any student. Due to its usage, Grammarly Keyboard has to be included into our top apps for students list.

Google Docs

Download Google Docs – Android | Download Google Docs – iOS

You can easily create and edit documents with the help of Google Docs on the fly. You can also collaborate and share your documents with others. Thus, students can use Google Docs to create study notes, document findings etc. They can also be used for handling essays and assignments.

The best part of Google Docs is that it stores documents online. Hence, you don’t need an additional storage memory for storing documents and to carry it everywhere.

Google created an official Android and an iOS application for the same. Using this application, students can utilize Google Docs from anywhere anytime. This application even works while you are offline.

Google Docs app additionally supports automatic document saving, word documents, existing documents, comments etc. Thus, making its way among our top apps for students.

Google Slides

Download Google Slides – Android | Download Google Slides – iOS

Giving presentation is one of the main tasks of an academic year/semester. Google Slides provides a way for us to give presentations with ease. You can create, edit and collaborate with others on presentations using Google Slides.

Google Slides official app supports additional features like create or edit presentation files, share presentations, collaborate on presentations, work offline, work anywhere and anytime, format shapes and text, rearrange slides, add comments, automatic saving, present using mobile etc. You can even edit PowerPoint files using Google Slides. Hence, Google Slides is among our top apps for students list.

myHomework Student Planner

Download myHomework – Android | Download myHomework – iOS

myHomework is the best student planner for English medium students. Gone are the days where you have to note down things in a paper student planner, school dairy etc. You can now make use of myHomework for noting down your school/academic agenda.

Students can organize their homeworks, calender, class schedule etc using myHomework application. They can even track their essays and assignments. They are allowed to sort their homeworks into categories. This app also allows sorting by subject, length, day and priority. myHomework app also notifies students about the upcoming tasks through reminders and alerts.

With such features, I was forced to include myHomework app into our list of top apps for students.


Download Todoist – Android | Download Todoist – iOS

With Todoist, you can organize your tasks for the entire day. You can capture and organize various tasks into your to-do list. This is limited in myHomework student planner.

Todoist app lets us get organized in seconds, delegate tasks in shared projects to free up mental space, measure our daily progress, sync our tasks across multiple platforms etc. Hence, students will mostly benefit from this application. They can take notes as well as place reminders for other tasks to be done during the day.

Google Drive

Download Google Drive – Android | Download Google Drive – iOS

Google Drive is one of the top free online storage providers that allows anyone to store files on their servers. Hence, students can make use of this free online cloud storage provider for storing their important documents, assignments, notes etc.

Google Drive provides 15 GB of free cloud storage. This is more than enough for any student. You can safely store your files and then access them from anywhere anytime.

Official Google Drive app provides some additional features compared to the official website. Features like search for files, share files and folders with friends, quickly view content, assign/edit access permissions, check file details etc. Hence, Google Drive app is included into our top apps for students list.


You can make use of the above mentioned apps simultaneously to maximize your efforts and studying capabilities effectively. Enable features that you think will improve your skills and improve your grades.

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