Update Facebook Privacy Settings To Increase Facebook Account Privacy

If you are looking for detailed step by step instructions to update your Facebook privacy settings then you should check out this tutorial. This tutorial covers all the necessary Facebook privacy settings that will help you to increase your Facebook account privacy and take control over your personal data.

Update Facebook Privacy Settings

Before proceeding, I recommend you to follow our how to secure your Facebook account guide that contains instructions to protect your Facebook account from unauthorized access or hacking attempts. You should always secure your Facebook account along with tightening your Facebook account privacy.

Despite raised privacy concerns, Facebook is continuously growing and expanding its user base. Facebook’s 2018 Q4 earnings report clearly states that it has surpassed revenue expectations and as well as user base.

So, Facebook is continuously updating its privacy settings to cope with latest privacy issues. It is still too soon to completely say that Facebook is not breaching its members privacy as bad news of Facebook handling its members privacy is coming every now and then.

Update Facebook Privacy Settings To Increase Facebook Account Privacy

Without any further discussions, lets check out the Facebook privacy settings that needs to be updated in order to increase your Facebook account privacy and gain control over your personal data.

Facebook provides us the following privacy settings. Depending on these Facebook privacy settings, the content is visible to particular audience.

Facebook Privacy Settings
PublicInformation visible to all
FriendsInformation visible to only friends
Only meInformation visible to only user
CustomInformation visible to custom audience

Note: Following instructions are based on steps performed using Facebook application on an Android mobile. There may be differences in steps while accessing Facebook from a computer.

Facebook application has a dedicated shortcut for setting up privacy options for your personal information. Follow the steps below to access it.

  • Click on the Menu icon present on the top right corner of the app.
  • Scroll down and then click on the Settings & Privacy option.
  • Now click on the Privacy shortcuts option.

Few Important Privacy Settings

Before applying privacy settings to the individual personal data, I recommend you to set appropriate privacy for some important information by following the steps below.

  • Click on the Review a few important privacy settings option and then click on the NEXT option.
  • Posts: When you post or share something on Facebook, this privacy setting is applied automatically to that content. I would recommend setting the privacy of Posts to Friends.
  • Then click on the Next option.
  • Phone, Email Address: You should always hide your email address and phone number from the public. I would recommend setting the privacies of these information to Friends.
  • Birthday: Are you willing to expose your birth date and/or birth year to the public? You should apply the privacy Friends to your birth date and the privacy Only me to your birth year.
  • Home Town, Current City: You should only trust your friends to have knowledge about your home town and the current city you live in. Applying Friends privacies to these information should be enough.
  • Address: If someone is your friend, then he/she must already known your address. And they should only be the ones allowed to know your address. Hence, my recommendation will be is to set the privacy of this information to Friends.
  • Relationship, Interested In: These information displays your relationship status and the people you are interested in. Privacies of these information is left to your choice. Select them wisely.
  • Work & Education: These information displays your work experience and education qualifications. I would recommend setting the privacies of these information to Friends.
  • Now click on the Next option.
  • Your app privacy: Select the apps and/or websites that you think are not trust worthy or you no longer use. And then click on the REMOVE option. This action will remove the ability of the app and/or website to request your personal information. You can also set the privacies of remaining apps and/or websites to Only me.
  • Click on the Next option and then click on the Close option.

Control Face Recognition

Whenever you are tagged in a photo and/or a video, Facebook will compare that tagged photo and/or video with your profile picture if the face recognition is ON. This is usually done in order to enhance your experience.

Many users leave this option to its default as they think that this feature is useful. I would like to bring to your notice that Facebook will try to identify you in your friends photos and then suggest their friends to tag you even if your friend has not tagged you in the first place. This itself contradicts Facebook’s privacy norms.

The choice is yours. By default, this setting is set to Yes. If you want to disable the face recognition, click on the option and then select No.

More Privacy Settings

Now that we have checked and set few important privacy settings, its time for us to set privacy settings to the individual personal data.

  • From Privacy shortcuts, click on the See more privacy settings option.
  • Your Activity
    • Limit who can see past posts: This privacy setting can be used to change privacy of your past/old posts. If you are using Friends of Friends or Public as Posts privacy, enabling this setting will change their privacies to Friends. Hence, use this privacy setting carefully. To enable or limit your posts, click on the LIMIT PAST POSTS option and then proceed with the on-screen instructions.
    • Who can see the people, Pages & Lists you follow?: This option will set the visibility of the people, pages and lists you follow. If you are OK with the Facebook stalkers then you should not worry about this feature. If you are worried then click on this option and then select the appropriate privacy.
    • Stories, Highlights: If you are someone who shares stories on Facebook just like posts then you should be checking privacies of these information as well. Just like Posts, I recommend you to set the privacies of these information to Friends.
  • How people can find and contact you
    • Select the audience who can send you friend requests.
    • Who can see your friends list: Why would you even want to show your friends list to someone else? I personally feel that friends list should be visible to at-most our Friends. Click on this setting and then select a privacy of your choice.
    • Search Engines: By default, Facebook allows search engines to index our profiles. If you do not want to see your profile in search results then click on this option and then disable search engines.
    • Other settings: If someone has your email or phone number then they should be able to search and reach you at Facebook. If they have these details about you then it is obvious that they know you well. Hence, setting privacy Everyone for these settings will not cause any harm.

That’s it for now. Hope this small and useful but detailed Facebook privacy settings guide has helped you or someone else to increase Facebook account privacy, resulting in better control over personal data.

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